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SOS NHS - Emergency funding NOW!

to build the SOSNHS campaign in every part of England.

More details as we decide them at SOSNHS.org

Supported by trade unions and campaigners

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A major new campaign for resources to save health and care

REVIEW AND REVISE the Spending Review: give the NHS the resources to fight Covid, tackle emergencies and bring down waiting lists!

INVEST IN OUR NHS: No more wasted billions on private hospitals and private contractors

BUILD BACK BIGGER: repair or rebuild crumbing hospitals and reopen the unused NHS beds, to eliminate private providers

INVEST IN NHS STAFF, with new targets for recruitment, training, and increases in pay to prevent the service losing experienced staff

Why we are campaigning - the crisis summed up

SOS NHS aims to build a big and broad enough movement to force the government into a review of the hopelessly inadequate spending plans set out in the Spending Review which threaten to lock the NHS into a second decade of decline, putting patient care at dire risk - and forcing more people to borrow or raid savings to pay privately for operations rather than wait as waiting lists rise.

We will be campaigning through social media, with our own SOSNHS website advertising local activity and links to our supporting organisations, videos and memes #SOSNHS, followed up next year by local, regional and national activities, with leaflets, posters, stickers, and banners.

We invite any organisations that support our aims to join with us, add your name to our list of sponsors, and donate towards the costs of social media promotion and publicity.

Any donation or regular standing order will go towards supporting the work of the SOSNHS campaign.

It's best for us if you can make direct payments online to our Coop Bank account:
Sort Code 08-92-99, Account Number 65797921
but please email us at campaign@sosnhs.org to let us know how much you have paid and what it's for.

If you are unable to make payments online, cheques are very welcome.

Until we have a separate SOSNHS bank account, please make out to Health Campaigns Together, and send c/o 28 Washbourne Rd, Leamington Spa CV31 2LD, again with a note explaining what it is for.

Donations can also be made online with PayPal if you have a credit card or PayPal account

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