Health Campaigns Together

Urges supporters and affiliates to join a health bloc on the July 1 National Demonstration

Not One Day More #ToriesOut
No mandate for cuts, closures or privatisation
Lift the cap on NHS pay!


Assemble 12pm, Saturday 1 July 2017
BBC Broadcasting House,
Portland Place, London

March to Parliament Square

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July 1-5 week of action to celebrate and defend the NHS

In terms of national coordination, Health Campaigns Together, along with the People’s Assembly, supports calls for a week of events and action in every area to coincide with the NHS 69th Birthday on July 5 and starting with key events on the 1st July.

Local action along these lines could include:
  • Picnics and parties to celebrate the NHS and its values, where possible seeking endorsement and involvement of councils, MPs and local community organisations
  • Celebrations outside (or where possible with trade union support inside) local hospitals, serving birthday cake to staff, especially those threatened with possible downgrade, loss of beds or closure, and sharing information on local plans.
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Teaching pack and letter to Head Teachers

on NHS 69th Birthday for schools -- example prepared by Hands off HRI campaigners in Huddersfield:

Make sure you register your local event – at

Click HERE to see photos and media and video coverage of our massive March 4 demonstration, and text of opening speech from John Lister of Health Campaigns Together.

STP Watch - Updated Resources

Health Campaigns Together has established STP Watch as a way of examining all 44 NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) in England as they emerge from the secretive discussions. This enables campaigners to assess their potential impact on local access to health care, quality of services, and NHS staff.

Feel free to download and share widely. We offer
  • a 29-page Briefing Pack, together with a draft letter to councillors urging them to demand full scrutiny and refuse to support plans that cut local services, and a template for reporting on the content of your local STP when published.
  • All STPs have now been published, although some even now are still incomplete. Check out on the updated list HERE
Now is the time to step up the pressure to get your local council to stand up for its communities, publish the local STP and speak out against any cuts or hospital closures.

Challenging the STPs

Conference held in Birmingham on September 17

The conference was a real success. 150 campaigners from all over England came to discuss the latest top-down reorganisation of the NHS and the challenge we face in defending local access to health services.

Speakers included Diane Abbott MP, Shadow Health Secretary. Download her speech HERE

  • Statement agreed by campaigners present – download HERE
  • Full text of (shortened) speech by John Lister, Secretary Keep Our NHS Public - HERE
  • Full text of (shortened) speech from Caroline Bedale on Manchester Devo and STP process – HERE
  • Speech from Su Lowe, Unite activist and health visitor – HERE
  • Key points from the workshop discussions on how to develop campaigning

OVER 90 attend Leeds Health Campaigns Together to Win conference

For report of the October 15 conference and links to Yorkshire campaigns CLICK HERE.

Defend NHS Bursaries

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Health Campaigns Together

Health Campaigns Together is not just another health campaign.

It is an initiative to enable many of the campaigns that have been formed to liaise together, share experiences and lessons, and where possible work together on issues of common concern.

Our aim is not to recruit individuals, who are encouraged to join one of our supporting campaigns, or other local campaigns and get them to link up with us. So you cannot join HCT as an individual (although donations from individuals who support our objective are very welcome).

We also welcome affiliation from trade union branches (NHS and non-NHS), and political parties opposed to NHS cuts and privatisation.

Individuals who want to help are welcome to send us donations to take forward the work, but are also encouraged join one or more of the many NHS campaigns, a growing number of which are represented on HCT.

On each side of this page we have links to those who have expressed an interest so far, and welcome links to other campaigns who wish to work with us.

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