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NHS England Performance Charts

How is your area coping with pressures?

The following charts, compiled from NHS England data, are available.

COVID-19 weekly situation reports


"Please note that the final weekly COVID update will be on Thursday 4 April 2024 covering the week ending Sunday 31 March 2024. Covid data will continue to be published monthly, with data for April released on Thursday 9 May 2024."

•  Total beds - occupied by confirmed COVID-19 patients 30 June 2024
•  Percentage of beds occupied by confirmed COVID-19 patients 31 May 2023
•  Mechanical Ventilation beds occupied by confirmed COVID-19 patients 31 May 2023

Cancer Waiting Times

•  Wait from GP Urgent Referral to First Appointment/Treatment (to end of September 2023) 1 September 2023
•  Wait from Urgent Referral to First Diagnosis/Treatment (Oct 2023 onwards) 1 May 2024

A&E Statistics

•  Estimated Type 1 A&E performance time series by month 1 June 2024
•  Provider Level Data: Type 1 cases admitted within 4 hours of attendance 1 June 2024
•  Waiting times from decision to admit to admission 1 June 2024

Older charts (up to January 2020) are available here

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