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Saturday November 17

Speakers will include Health Campaigns Together, the Labour Party, trade unions, DPAC, National Pensioners Convention, Relatives and Residents Association, and a speaker on the Scottish experience. We will explore the current situation, the policy issues and campaigning opportunities. It will be an exciting and challenging day! £10/£5.

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June 30: tens of thousands celebrate and demonstrate for #OurNHS70

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CALENDAR of events

Friday 26th October 2018

Scrap the ICP contract: Rally and petition to save the NHS!

Old Palace Yard, London, SW1P 3,

NHS England is consulting on the contract for a new model of health and social care provision that threatens the break-up of the NHS into units run by ‘Integrated Care Providers’ – or ‘ICPs’.
Each of these ‘business units’ would control spending and rationing of healthcare for populations of up to 500,000. Despite the language, they will dis-integrate health and social care services and put finance before patient care.
These huge contracts will also be open to the private sector to compete for. They are therefore a serious threat to the NHS as a publicly owned and publicly run service.
Keep Our NHS Public, Heath Campaigns Together, We Own It, #JR4NHS and #Justice4NHS have called a joint protest to draw attention to the Government's plans to continue the privatisation of our NHS.
After we've assembled at Parliament we'll be handing in our petition to scrap ICPs at the Department of Health and Social Care on Victoria St, (Westminster, London SW1H 0EU).
You can still sign the petition here. https://weownit.org.uk/ICP-petition-NHS
Also on Friday the second reading of the NHS Bill is timetabled, though it may not get a reading. The NHS Bill is vital to safeguard against these attacks and must be supported.
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Saturday 27th October 2018

Barnsley Save Our NHS Public Meeting to Defend Maternity and Paediatric Services

Barnsley Town Hall

A meeting to give members of staff and the public a chance to find out what is proposed and make their views known.
We have a range of speakers lined up, including clinical staff working in the services affected.
We had hoped that that a representative of the health authorities in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw would come along to speak about the changes, but, surprisingly, they have said that they have no one available.
Our view is that the public and staff need to be fully involved in important decisions about the future of our health services: it is wrong that decisions like this are taken behind closed doors.

Saturday 3rd November 2018

Health for All: Patients, Not Passports


Public meeting at
St Bede's Church
Fern Grove/Hartington Rd
L8 0SQ
Speakers include
Rayah Feldman (Maternity Action)
Kitty Worthing (Docs Not Cops)
John Grayson (SYMAAG)
and speaker from These Walls Must Fall
Organised by Merseyside Keep Our NHS Public and Save Liverpool Women's Hospital campaign

Saturday 17th November 2018


Carrs Lane Conference Centre,
Carrs Lane
B4 7SX
Opposite Moor St Station.
Direct line from London Marylebone
PLEASE NOTE second change of venue, for access.

Speakers will include Health Campaigns Together, the Labour Party, trade unions, DPAC, National Pensioners Convention, Relatives and Residents Association, and a speaker on the Scottish experience.
Help build the campaign for publicly provided, publicly accountable social care funded through general taxation and free to all at point of use.
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Royal Liverpool Hospital PFI to be scrapped

The Royal Liverpool Hospital PFI is to be scrapped and the investors ‘bailed out’ ...

Read the full item, and other breaking news

Info links

Links to important new information on other websites
  • Shropshire A&E waiting times are second worst in country Shropshire Star sound the alarm over disastrous delays and waiting times even before reckless hospital bosses implement their plan to axe overnight A&E services at Telford.

  • Brexit: most doctors and nurses now think NHS will get worse Guardian picks up on growing fears among health workers, who will no doubt be brushed aside by arrogant ignoramuses such as Rees Mogg and Johnson as "experts" who should be ignored in favour of the now highly suspect mandate they procured from the least informed.

  • News > UK > UK Politics Two-thirds of doctors and nurses believe £350m-a-week NHS claim was a 'deliberate lie', poll finds Sadly this kind of sadly belated hindsight is not enough to halt Brexit madness.

  • A conversation with the public: could different be better? "What if the NHS could meet people’s needs in a different way, that shifted care out of acute hospitals?" asks Professor Keith Willett, Medical Director for Acute Care @NHSEngland in a King's Fund blog.
    Indeed. A nice dream to have. What if there was an escalator to take climbers up Everest without climbing ropes? What if we had a government willing to fund the NHS properly? What if NHS bosses came up with serious plans instead of idiot fantasies? What if Prof Willett + the King's Fund faced up to reality?

  • 'No excuse' for mental health failings in Lancashire https://www.lep.co.uk/news/health/no-excuse-for-mental-health-failings-in-lancashire-1-9395469 Lancashire Post flags up yet another example of a council scrutiny committee doing what they are supposed to do -- and scrutinising the actions of management.
    "Members of Blackpool Council’s adult social care and health scrutiny committee grilled Dr Leon LeRoux, clinical director for Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, about a series of failings in the way mental health services are being run, as reported in The Post.
    Mr Marsden said: 'I think the scrutiny committee did a superb job of really bringing to account a highly worrying series of failings both administrative and otherwise that have been going on, particularly at The Harbour'."

  • ‘GP at hand’ app Babylon bleeds cash (£) Times story reveals losses of £23m from a company valued at £213m, Familiar pattern with Ali Parsa's projects - strong on rhetoric, weak on profits.
    this is just what happened with Circle at Hinchingbrooke Hospital before firm walked away from contract.
    What happens to patients if Babylon goes bust, along with GP at Hand?

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